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Emily Isaacson



"To compose means to bind and to loose, to play an instrument is to learn and unlearn. One must quickly learn a new melody, and unlearn all intrinsic forces that would oppose it. There is a safety in singing, and the night is not so fearsome when pierced by even one song. So were the voices of those like candles in the night.”


Rose returns to Victoria from Bavaria after many years for the filming of a German movie about eating disorders. City of Roses is a successful eating disorder clinic housed in two mansions in Rockland. Maggie is its director and inspiration, holding a lamp to the miles of eating disorder victims that cross its threshold. Ebony is the daughter of the Velvets, who live on Eagle Mountain. She has lived a privileged life, until now. Her only fault was she believed there was good in everyone. Seeking after a family and community response to mental illness requires the understanding of a mind that can sing in darkness. This account, based on a true story, is a window into the human mind, mental illness, and the struggle for survival.

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